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About Your Visit:

What to expect from your first osteopathic treatment at Brighouse?

On your first visit an in depth case history will be taken focusing on your presenting symptoms. There will also be other questions about your past medical history, family history and your general health. All the information allows us to build a “holistic” picture, looking not only at the symptoms, but also at other possible contributing factors, such as lifestyle.  

An examination will follow of the symptomatic area, which will include assessments and palpation of the spine, joints and muscles. Other appropriate tests may be used such as taking your reflexes or blood pressure, if required.

After the examination a diagnosis will be provided and the findings will be discussed. If it is appropriate, osteopathic treatment will follow. An osteopathic treatment approach ranges from specific soft tissue massage techniques, articulation (movement) of joints and manipulative techniques. A treatment plan will be established to suit your diagnosis and advice will be given about self management and exercises between follow up appointments (if necessary).

After your first treatment it is common to feel some soreness 24 to 48 hours after treatment. The soreness is often compared to the aches you can experience after a workout at the gym. Advice will be given about hot and cold therapy to ease any post treatment soreness but otherwise some patients have no soreness after treatments.

What I need to wear?

Usually for examination and treatment you will need to undress down to your underwear, so please wear underwear you feel comfortable in. It is usually a good idea to bring a pair of sports shorts. Gowns are also provided for examination and treatments if preferred.