About me:

I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Masters degree in Osteopathy. I set up J.L Osteopthy in September 2013 in Bailiff Bridge. Alongside Osteopathy I trained in Kinesio Taping which is used for many musculoskeletal and sports injuries. The Kinesio Tape is popular among athletes all over the world and aims to prevent and rehabilitate past and present injuries.

I first became interested in osteopathy after doing a work placement within an osteopathic practice. I was fascinated by the variety of techniques Osteopaths used and the positive results they achieve. I have also studied some Cranial Osteopathy to introduce a variety of Osteopathic treatments within the clinic.

I also work as an Associate Osteopath within The Pain & Injury Clinic in Halifax and The Bingley Osteopathic Practice.

On a voluntary basis I have provided soft tissue massage to the runners of the Jane Tomlinson 10k run and other running events. I have keen interest in running and keeping fit.

Jane is registered with the Gosc and the BOA (British Osteopathic Association).